Ayurvedic treatment results are depends on the quality of the treatment and the way you take care of your body after the treatments. To take complete rest during and after the course of treatment is very important to get the maximum results.

Treatment Room

Ayurveda is an ancient science and a part of our culture. Avanika’s treatment rooms are designed with that heritage touch which gives you a serene feel of Ayurveda. Clean and fully equipped (A/c) rooms are furnished with wooden massage table, steam box, Sirodhara stand etc which are so traditional and classic. Attached bathroom and hot water facility also available.


To treat a disease from it’s root, it is important to find out the root cause of that disease. Then we have to correct it by balancing the equilibrium of Tridoshas and Agni. Apart from external treatments it is important to provide the most effective combination of internal medicines in the form of Kashayas, Arishtas, Gulikas, Choorna etc. Avanika owns a well stocked pharmacy with all forms of ayurvedic preparations which are 100% herbal.


Ayurveda advices to consider the food itself as medicine. Because when the diet is correct there is no need of medicine. Avanika serves homely satwik food prepared with care and love as per the instructions of our Doctor, according to your health conditions.

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