Beauty Care

Ancient Ayurvedic granthas are great resources in the field of health care as well as beauty care. Detailed and scientific description of beauty care formulations and therapies told by Acharyasare 100% effective in our era also.Nowadays everything is available in the label of herbal. But most of the products are still chemical based herbals. Can you imagine a soothing relaxing rejuvenating facial with completely organic products?

Avanika welcomes you to experience our customized, organic, rejuvenating beauty therapies.

Hair Care Treatments

Keshyam(complete hair care)

Avanika gives you complete care for your hair in 100 % natural way by using our traditional Ayurvedic knowledge. Hair defines one’s personality, the level of confidence and look is next level with thick and strong hair.

Avanika’s keshyam package is a combination of complete Ayurvedic hair care treatments, treatments which gives you much healthier, long and strong hairs, and prevent uncontrolled hair fall, premature greying of hair, improves blood circulation in scalp there by promotes faster hair growth.

Package includes

  • Head massage with herbal oil
  • Hair pack with powders of medicinal plants
  • Hair wash with herbal decoction
  • Kesha dhooma fumigating the hair with medicated fumes

Head massage and hair pack

Relaxing and soothing head massage with cooling herbal oil will enhance the blood circulation and improves the quality of sleep. Regular massage will promote the hair growth and health also.

Hair pack with medicated herbal paste will make your scalp dandruff free and improves the hair growth.

Dandruff treatment

Avanika’s Dandruff treatment includes head massage with anti dandruff herbal oil, hair pack with medicated herbal paste and hair wash with freshly prepared decoction of anti dandruff herbs. Also includes the administration of internal medicines if needed.

Skin Care Treatments

Face pack

Avanika’s special face packs with 100% natural ingredients gives you natural and healthy glowing skin. We prepare customized face packs for every skin types.

Herbal face pack

  • 30 minutes

Mud face pack

  • 45 minutes

Fruit face pack

  • 45 minutes


Avanika’s specially designed facial will transform your dull skin to naturally glowing and charming skin. Our 100% herbal products are completely free from chemical preservatives also. Chemicals may give you instant glow or fairness but it will ruin your skin’s texture and natural glow. The more you use chemicals on your skin, the damages also will be more. So choose wisely when it comes to your skin. Choose Avanika when it comes to yourself.

Herbal facial

  • 45 minutes

Fruit facial

  • 45 minutes

Special facial

  • 60 minutes


  • 75 minutes

Varnyam is Avanika’s exclusive package for enhancing your natural beauty and complexion. We offers the ancient, royal way of beauty care treatments with Avanika’s special touch. Detailed description of beauty hacks which was followed by the Royal families are explained in Ayurvedic classics. Here Avanika reconstructs that Royal experience for you by incorporating the traditional methods with the advanced techniques. Give your skin a Royal treat with Avanika.

  • Herbal face scrub
  • Massage with kunkumadi oil
  • Ksheera dhooma(dream with medicated milk)
  • Varnyam face pack( individualized packs for different skin type)
  • Special Njavara Massage

Mukhabhyangam and Mukhalepam

Avanika offers a face massage with medicated oils which will enhance your complexion and make it even more smooth and supple. And our Mukhalepam is also does the same action on your oily skin with the application of herbal powders and pastes.

  • 45 minutes

Siro-Mukha Abyangam

Siro – MukhaAbhyanga is the combination of head and face massage. Application of medicated oil on the head and face followed by a gentle massage will release the tension and makes you feel relaxed, improves the blood flow to your head and face and promotes good sleep. Apart from that Siro – Mukhaabhyanga is helpful in many of the vatavyadhi also.

  • 40 minutes

Acne control treatment

Avanika’s acne treatment includes both internal and external medications and therapies to ensure the maximum results. Avanika treats the cause not the symptoms.

  • 3 sessions
  • 5 sessions
  • 7 sessions

Body scrubbing and polishing

By the application and gentle rubbing of herbal powders with medicated decoctions / milk or other suitable agents suits your skin type will transform your skin into a toned one. It will tighten your skin and make it looks young and fresh. It will regain your skin’s natural complexion and make it more clear. Avanika’s body scrubbing will also reduce the excess fat in your body especially over your abdomen. If you are looking for a healthy, glowing skin, come and start a refreshing journey with Avanika.

  • 100 minutes

Tan removal treatment

Avanika offers natural bleaching therapies to get a tan free skin, using 100% natural ingredients. Treatment will remove the tan without causing any damage to skin, it will bring the natural completion and texture of skin, nourishes and smoothen the skin.

  • 3 sessions
  • 5 sessions
  • 7 sessions

Steam bath with ksheera

  • 20 minutes

Regular steam bath itself make your body more light and fresh. Because steaming will opens up your hair follicles and eliminating all the impurities through sweat. Avanika’s special steam bath with medicated milk will be a real treat to your body. Best results are observed in obesity, bad odour, pigmentation, fat depositions etc.

Herbal snanam or ksheera snanam

  • 75 minutes

Avanika’s Herbal snanam is our premium medicated bath for all kind of skin diseases. It is sedation therapy that will opens the skin pores and eliminate toxins from skin, reduces inflammation and pain, improve skin completion, take out the unwanted fluids from body.

Pada Snanam

Combination of lepa(application of medicated paste), avagaham(soak the feet in herbal decoction) followed by gentle and relaxing foot massage. Which will stimulates the nerve endings, improve circulation to the feet, promote good sleep and keeps your foot healthy and clean.

  • 40 minutes