Ayurveda is the science of life (Ayuh=life; Veda= science), moreover it is a way of living, it is an unique approach to discover the inner self of each and every individual. It is a tradition of 5000 years that can guide us to the ultimate wellness. Ayurveda itself is a beautiful journey towards healing.

Ayurveda is mainly focusing on prevention. For the same, Acharyas were explained Dinacharya (Daily routine), Rithucharya (Seasonal Regimen), Internal and External treatments according to Desa (place), Kaala (season), and Prakruthi (Body constitution), very elaborate and detail explanation on diet, Yoga for balancing the body as well as the mind, and abundant herbal formulations to keep up the energy and immunity power of our body.

Rasayana / Rejuvenation is the internal and external treatments to ensure the physical and mental well being and to restore the body’s vitality, energy, youthfulness, complexion, and immunity power. It will strengthen the sense organs as well as the sensory powers. Avanika Ayurveda presents a complete rejuvenation and wellness program which will ensure the ultimate wellness of your body and mind.

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