Lifestyle Disorders

Our life style changes are the strongest reason behind all the dreadful diseases which are getting so common day by day. We are so obsessed with copying foreign culture, lifestyle and eating habits. Without correcting that we can’t lead a life without the fear of early heart attack, Diabetes,obesity, Coronary artery diseases, Hyper lipidemia, hyper tension etc.

Avanika Ayurveda helps you to sort what is good and bad for you. Both the lifestyle and food habits according to your body constitution and Dosha predominance.

How avanika is looking to the solution for lifestyle disorders?


Our changing lifestyle is actually changing the total biological cycle of our body also. We are busy adapting the food habits, dressing style, culture and the way of living also from foreign countries without knowing that these adaptions are altering the normal cycle of our metabolism and other physiological functions too. We are eating Jung foods which are either half cooked or over cooked or burned or with lots and lots of unhealthy fat which results excess fat deposition, low metabolism, indigestion, malabsorption, constipation, hormonal variations and diseases related to these irregularities.

Avanika is ready to help you with our wide range of traditional Ayurvedic herbal medicines. Which will correct your metabolism, improves your digestive fire, there by it will help you to burn out the excessive fat and accumulated impurities in the body.

External treatment

External treatments also have an important role in lifestyle disease management. After correcting the metabolism we can start with the external treatments gradually. It will help to eliminate out the impurities completely from your body. Avanika will be mainly focusing on the purification therapies to clear your body channels and to burn your excess fat.

Personalized Diet

Ahara evam oushadam, is a sloka quoted by our Acharyas. If our food habits are proper and composed then there is no need of medicines. The way of living is more important. Avanika will be designing a personalized diet chart for you based on your body Constitution and dosha Predominance. Which will make your journey to fitness more easy. Healthy food habit itself can prevent so many diseases. Live your life tension free with Avanika.

Yoga and pranayama advices

Yoga and pranayama can do wonders in lifestyle disease management. By the regular practice of yoga and pranayama we can maintain the results after taking the internal and external treatments. Yoga and pranayama will calm your body and mind as well. Avanika will suggest you the apt Asanas and pranayamas according to your condition.