Hair Care Treatments

Keshyam(complete hair care)

Avanika gives you complete care for your hair in 100 % natural way by using our traditional Ayurvedic knowledge. Hair defines one’s personality, the level of confidence and look is next level with thick and strong hair.

Avanika’s keshyam package is a combination of complete Ayurvedic hair care treatments, treatments which gives you much healthier, long and strong hairs, and prevent uncontrolled hair fall, premature greying of hair, improves blood circulation in scalp there by promotes faster hair growth.

Package includes

  • Head massage with herbal oil
  • Hair pack with powders of medicinal plants
  • Hair wash with herbal decoction
  • Kesha dhooma fumigating the hair with medicated fumes

Head massage and hair pack

Relaxing and soothing head massage with cooling herbal oil will enhance the blood circulation and improves the quality of sleep. Regular massage will promote the hair growth and health also.

Hair pack with medicated herbal paste will make your scalp dandruff free and improves the hair growth.

Dandruff treatment

Avanika’s Dandruff treatment includes head massage with anti dandruff herbal oil, hair pack with medicated herbal paste and hair wash with freshly prepared decoction of anti dandruff herbs. Also includes the administration of internal medicines if needed.

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