Rakhta Moksha

Rakhta Moksha

Raktha Moksha/blood letting is considered as one among the Panchakarma according to Acharya Susrutha. Because it is a purification therapy indicated in diseases caused by Raktha Dushti. Raktha Moksha has both preventive and curative aspects also. Best results are observed in chronic skin diseases and ulcers and acne Vulgaris and other Rakthaja Vikaras.


Blood letting is done by using non-poisonous fresh water leach at the affected area.

Benefit: Safe and painless, anti inflammatory effects, sudden pain relief, reduces venous congestion, improves circulation, prevent thrombosis. Mainly used in varicose vein, non healing ulcers, skin diseases, DVT, diabetic foot ulcer, TAO etc


Prachanam is a localised blood letting process done by making small pricks with surgical blade or sterile needles. Mainly indicated in eczema and other skin diseases.